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The Largest Selection Of Tandems On The Gulf Coast

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Models now available with EP8

House Of Tandems Shop

House Of Tandems Shop

House of Tandems Texas  is an exclusive dealer of tandem bicycles. Serving *First time beginners *Leisure/Touring riders *Professional Racers and *Para Athletes. HOTT tandem boutique has the largest selection of tandems on the Gulf Coast. This distinctive bike shop is designed to meet the unique needs of tandem cyclists. Captains and stokers have very specific requests when cycling and our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our tandem cycling friends. A quality tandem can be an investment for years. Come in, spend some time with us, compare in the saddle with a test ride. Many NEW models to see and try. Our many years in the cycling business and our own tandem cycling, fabrication & design experiences make us a unique retailer in the industry.

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From I-45 (North Freeway)  take the Rayford Rd./Sawdust Rd. exit drive east 2 miles and turn right on East Hawthorn.
From Grand Parkway (99) take the Rayford Rd. exit and drive west 2 miles. Turn left on East Hawthorn.

 Click here for an appointment to test ride your favorite tandem.  Email or call for inquiries.

Co-motion Metolius now in stock!e-Assist models now available with the EP*

FSA Compact Crank

Compact Chainrings & Cranks

Now you can have awesome gear changes and get back that lost climbing power! Works with standard tandem 130BCD triple cranksets. From $69.00!

Belt Drive Systems

Got Belts? 

All sizes of CDX CenterTrack belt drive systems in stock from $299.00. Will work with your Santana, Meridian, Co-Motion, Paketa V2 & V2r, Calfee, Seven and more!

Triplet Tandems In Stock

Why stop at two? People think they are hard to ride, but you have to try one for yourself. Come test ride one today and see why these folks are smiling!